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7 Common Queries About Eyelash Extensions

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

There’s a plethora of urban myths and questions about eyelash extensions circulating online and IRL, so today we’re answering 7 of the most common concerns. If you’ve never been in for a lash appointment, or you’ve had bad experiences with an amateur, naturally you might be feeling a bit apprehensive about this whole lash extensions biz. We're here to set the record straight by setting a good example — a lash session should be relaxing, safe and mindful in its approach.

Read on as we debunk some common myths, and if you've got a question we haven't addressed, check out our FAQs or send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Can Eyelash Extensions Cause Infections?

No. Lash adhesives only touch the natural lashes, not the skin, and never ever the eyes. The only time eyelash extensions can cause irritation is when an amateur stylist uses an excessive amount of glue, or doesn't follow the correct procedure. Allergies are also rare, however, if you’re concerned about sensitivity, you can try our Subtle set as a trial.

Some people also ask if eyelash extensions can cause headaches or blindness — the answer is no.

Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Lashes?

No. This only happens when an amateur stylist offers lash extensions that are too long or too thick for their client, or if they use an excessive amount of glue. With correct application and size, eyelash extensions work in harmony with the natural lashes.

Can I Choose Any Length & Thickness?

In theory, sure, but at Lash For Ever, we prefer to examine your lashes and discuss your needs in a professional consultation. If you've got super short lashes, it wouldn't be wise to add extreme length and volume as it would be too heavy for your natural lashes. By having a conversation about your desired look, we can choose a style that keeps both you and your lashes happy.

Do Eyelash Extensions Look Fake?

We have 4 different types of eyelash extensions — Subtle, Medium, Full and Glamour — so we can customize it to make it look as natural or as out-there as you want. However, generally speaking, eyelash extensions look very natural, as people wear them daily for months on end.

Can I Wear Makeup With Eyelash Extensions?

Definitely, but avoid oil based makeup as it’ll affect the longevity of your lashes. If you want to wear mascara, make sure it's water based or specifically formulated for lash extensions, and be gentle with the brush, which could pull on your lashes and damage, loosen or remove them. If you want to colour your lashes while sporting lash extensions, opting for a lash tint is a good idea.

Do Semi-Permanent Lashes Last For Months?

Sort of. Depending on how well you take care of them, the number of lashes you get applied, and your natural lash cycle, eyelash extensions can last for up to 6 weeks, but by getting infills every 2-3 weeks, you can keep your lashes looking flawless 24/7.

Can Eyelash Extensions Get Wet?

After 24 hours of getting them applied, you can go swimming, run in the rain, take long showers... in short, yes!


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